Community Medicine

Public Health Champion Recipient

The Kittitas County Board of Health Advisory Committee (BOHAC) is pleased to announce that the Kittitas County Fire Protection District #6 will be awarded the 2023 annual Kittitas County Public Health Champion Award. 

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Preventive Medicine

D6 has sponsored a Community Medicine EMT under a grant from Greater Health Now for the next 3 years. Firefighters and EMTs are considered the “Boots on the Ground” and have the ability in identifying at risk residents who can benefit from participating in the community medicine program. The Community Medicine Program provides non-emergency assistance to help vulnerable and under-represented residents access to social services and community resources, at the county, state and federal levels in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Residents are referred to the program through multiple channels to include those accessing the 911 system multiple times in short periods of time, referral of Medic One, on scene referrals from FF/EMTs, referral from the Health Network, self-referrals and referrals made by other citizens. To make a care referral, please contact our department or complete the Client Referral Survey.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Provide in-home assessment (or at a private location, if homeless) for fall prevention. Assist as needed with ramps, railings, grab bars, mobility devices such as walkers, etc.  
  • Provide referral services to social services and community health resources after conducting the interview process.  
  • Contact health providers, social service agencies and community health recourses to assist in scheduling appointments. 
  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and working, that all exits are maneuverable.  
  • Provide follow-up care coordination with other agencies, including the Health Network and all applicable partners. Help with transportation due to weather events or difficult to reach areas.
  • Work with family members, if possible, to mitigate issues that may contribute to future health problems for the patient.
  • Obtain vitals for virtual medical appointments, set the patient up to take and record their own vitals if needed.   
  • Provide community health education

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