Outdoor Burning

Backyard Burning Information

  • Backyard burning is only permitted when there is no Kittitas County Burn Ban in place and there is no Air Quality Burn Ban. Visit the County Burn Ban for a list of the of current burn bans in the county. Visit the WA Department of Ecology to determine if there are any air quality burn bans in place for the county. You can also call the Department of Ecology at (509) 575-2490.
  • Burn pile size shall be no greater than 4x4x3. If your burn pile size is larger than 4x4x3, you must call the Fire Chief at (509) 649-2600.
  • Only natural vegetation shall be burned. There is NO burning of garbage, trash, construction debris and any milled or dimensional lumber.
  • No more than one pile shall be burned on any property at the same time.
  • Burn barrels are strictly prohibited.
  • There is no outdoor burning when wind speeds or gusts exceed 10 mph.
  • The fire must be attended at all times with a water source readily available and fire extinguishing tools such as buckets, shovels, heavy equipment and fire extinguishers.
  • Burn pile must be on mineral ground and at least 25 feet from trees and brush.
  • If you suspect a burn pile is greater than the allowed 4x4x3 size, the smoke is causing undue nuisance, or items other than natural vegetation is being burned please call 911.
  • Burn permits are not required in District 6.

Burn Ban Information

There are two types of burn bans for Kittitas County:

  • Fire Safety Burn Ban
  • Air Quality Burn Ban

The Fire Safety burn ban is in effect when the fire danger reaches a critical level. The Air Quality Burn Ban is regulated by the Department of Ecology.

When a Burn Ban is in effect, NO OUTDOOR BURNING is allowed. You are permitted to operate gas fire pits, gas BBQs and pellet BBQs. No charcoal briquettes are allowed. See Kittitas County Fire Marshal for more information.